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Wooden windows or uPVC? What's the right choice for me?

Updated: Oct 28, 2022

When it comes to wooden windows, it’s all about quality. Whether you are looking at wooden sash windows, contemporary wooden windows, or timeless timber windows, getting the right product for the right property is about asking the right questions and getting the best answers.

As wooden windows experts, we want to take a look at some of the questions you should ask, and the answers you should expect to get. Making an informed decision can make all the difference to what you end up with, so let’s dive in.

How long do wooden windows last?

As well as the quality of the wooden windows in the first place, care and maintenance is very important. If you want your wooden windows to last for many years, you should treat them. Cleaning should be done with a simple soap and water solution to remove grease marks or general dirt. Never use kitchen or chemical cleaning solutions. If you do this, and keep your wood oiled as per the instruction of the manufacturers, your wooden windows will look great and last for many years.

Why choose wooden windows?

In terms of maintenance and repair for timber windows, they offer a much longer lifespan than other materials. Additionally, wooden windows provide much more natural insulation, that is to say, they will keep the heat in and the cold out at a much better level. As a natural material, it is also better for the environment, which means a lower level of production, thus a lower environmental impact, unlike UPVC which requires high levels of production. As a material that has been used for hundreds of years, the stability and longevity of wooden windows make them an excellent choice.

Why do we paint wooden doors and windows?

Painting wooden doors and windows not only help give you the look and colour you want, but it is also a form of protecting the wood. Paint is applied to the wall as an outer covering to colour and protect them, much the same as it is for wooden windows. The reason to paint your wooden doors and windows is to offset moisture and the changing weather conditions, as they can be susceptible to dust and insect colonisation.

Another reason to paint your wooden doors and wooden windows is to make it more waterproof. In addition to the potential problem of dry rot, it helps avoid other types of damage, including unsightly stains, cold spots, cracks, peeling paint, mildew and mould growth.

Why do uPVC windows get condensation?

Even though the seals between sashes and frames in PVC joinery provide heat, water, dust and noise insulation, they do not prevent condensation as the gaskets with which they are made make it difficult to ventilate to avoid internal humidity. At any temperature, the air contains moisture, and that is when condensation occurs as the amount of moisture increases or the temperature decreases.

Cost of wooden windows

It is a simple fact that wooden windows can be more expensive than windows and doors made of other materials. Whether it is due to issues with supply and demand or just the fact that fewer companies make wood windows in general, wooden windows do tend to be more expensive than vinyl windows, it really is that black and white. Depending on the wood used, such as oak, and the size and style of your wooden windows, the price can vary significantly, but the cost of wooden windows is definitely worth it in terms of the longevity of the product.

Cost of Upvc windows

As we mentioned above, wooden windows are a more expensive option that UPVC windows, but they are not necessarily cheaper than doors and windows made from alternative materials. An example of this would be the fact that UPVC windows and doors usually cost around 50% less than aluminium and significantly less than timber windows (on a like-for-like basis). When you are thinking about the options for fitting replacement double glazing or new coloured uPVC windows, you also need to take their size, style and design into account as this can also make a significant difference in terms of the overall cost.

UPVC Windows benefits

As with wooden windows, as discussed earlier, there are benefits to be enjoyed from installing UPVC windows. For one, they can be customised to suit your bespoke requirements, but most UPVC windows do come in white as standard. On a security level they offer benefits as they can have excellent secure locking options included. In terms of insulation, they offer excellent results in keeping warm in and cold out, as well as being low maintenance in general. On top of all this, they are durable, good for ventilation options, and built to withstand many years of use and weather. As if this was not enough, they are an environmentally solid choice.

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