Wooden Windows And Doors London


On time and in budget

Two factors play key role in projects: time and budget. If any is exceeded, that is when all slips out of control, often resulting in snow ball effect. This is why we pay so much attention to detailed tender, planning and following the schedule.
One more thing not to be forgotten, rush is the enemy of quality.







Professional Experience

Before we start with your home, we first start with building your trust.

We want to be sure we leave you with absolutely no doubts your choice of Conessence is the best you could make.


All our services

We offer superb quality, custom made, wooden windows and wooden doors. Our range has exceptional style and excellent functionality. We use only the best timber.

All of our products are strong, durable and energy efficient. We can craft our windows and doors to any dimensions in a variety of styles.

beautiful wooden window

We craft several types of quality wooden windows and wooden doors. These include sash windows and casement windows, specially coated so that they dont warp in harsh weather. French doors with soft touch open and close feature. Also, outside doors crafted from the finest wood, energy efficient glazing and ironmongery.

a piece of wood in joinery

Joinery is an expert skill that takes experience and training. Our qualified joiners are highly experienced and talented and have the ability to craft beautiful, quality windows and elegant doors. All of our products are custom designed and professionally installed. Whatever design or style you require we can make it.

window blinds partially protecting against incoming light

Sun Protection

Our diverse range of products, made to provide your home with sun protection, are quality made and functional. Our various products range from internal blinds, screens and insect meshes, to, outside window shades, skylight blinds, awnings, shade sails and pergolas. With such a wide selection, there is something for everyone.